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Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung für to play checkers im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). Checkers Game. Drag and Drop. Blue goes first. For a double jump, drag and drop twice. Also called "Draughts". Red player: Type: Blue player: Type. Checkers at Cool Math Games: Play free online Checkers, or "Draughts," vs. the computer or against a friend.

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You win by removing all of your opponent's pieces from the board, or if your opponent can't make a move. Also called Spanish Pool Checkers. User you are reporting: Also called Spanish checkers. The best way to handle abusive players is to 'Ignore' them. This page was last edited on 5 July , at Report an Issue Checkers. In such a case the first adversary must win in thirteen moves or the game is declared a draw. Once a game has been gridlocked, where only back and forth moves between same locations on the board avoid jumps, the player with the majority of free space wins the games. In most non-English languages except those that acquired the game from English speakers , draughts is called dame , dames , damas , or a similar term that refers to ladies. We apologize for the inconvenience. During a capturing move, pieces are removed immediately after a capture. Hungarian Highlander Slovak draughts. Also called Spanish Pool Checkers. One player has the dark pieces; the other has the light pieces. Want great games that don't require Flash? Click "Bookmarks" above your browser on your navigation bar 2. International draughts or Polish draughts. Select a Chat Room Select Room. In international draughts, kings sometimes called flying kings move any cdate de along unblocked diagonals, and may capture an opposing man any distance away by jumping to any of the unoccupied squares immediately beyond it. Multiple opposing pieces may be captured in a single turn provided this is done by successive jumps made by a single piece; the jumps do not need to be in the same line but may "zigzag" change diagonal direction. One player has the dark pieces; the other has the play checkers pieces. From the standard starting position, both players can guarantee a draw with perfect play. Less than two pieces loses a game.

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Checkers - Free Online games - Any sequence may be chosen, as long as all possible captures are made. Retrieved 16 April If the adjacent square contains an opponent's piece, and the square immediately beyond it is vacant, the piece may be captured and removed from the game by jumping over it. The WordHunt Game SpeedType SpeedRead. Bookmark this page to save time on your next visit! Choose your difficulty, and see if you can stack all four suits, Ace to King! Any sequence can be chosen, not necessary long sequence but must capture all like in Russian draughts. A piece may move only diagonally into an unoccupied square. Close Your Gaming History You have no recently played games. In the Philippines, it is known as "derecha" and is played on a mirrored board, often replaced by a crossed lined board only diagonals are represented. The winners in men's have been from the United Kingdom, United States, Barbadosand most recently Italy 3-Move division. Kings stop on the field directly behind the piece captured and must go on capturing from there, if possible, even in the direction where they have come. Harpers Dictionary of Classical Power paddy.